Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

This morning, Kay woke me up in a panic yelling it's 7.08am!! But in reality, it was only 6.08am as I checked all the clocks in the house! She must have accidentally put her clock one hour ahead and so begins my morning in panic mode! Once I realized I was not running late, about 6 minutes later, my adrenaline was already pumping and I was in quick mode. Ari is so very cute in the morning, I don't think I can wake up without seeing him EVER. We love him so much and brings so much happiness and love to us. After I was ready to go, I had about 10 minutes extra to spare, I decided to pick up a Starbucks for both Kay and I since the poor thing was up an hour earlier than she usually is. It is so wet and rainy outside but not very cold, thank goodness! Once I dropped Ari off at my mom's place, I realized then I was about 15 minutes behind, I try to catch the skytrain before 7.20am coz the trains aren't so packed at this time but once you hit 7.30am or later, it gets very crowded and you have to squeeze pass people to get on! Which I ended up doing this morning (PET PEEVE: people who crowd the door and do not move into the middle of the train coz they are in such a panic to get out of the doors once they've reached their stop!!), squeezing myself into the train and getting a nice comfy spot in the MIDDLE of the train. I didn't have a plastic bag to put my umbrella in so I placed the umbrella against my coat so that I wouldn't drip on anybody sitting on the seats. The very kind lady sitting in front of me noticed that I was dripping the very wet umbrella against my coat and offered a plastic bag to carry the umbrella in so I woudn't get any more wet. Wow, how nice! I thanked her very much and as she got off at her stop told her to have a very nice day! She made me realize, hey life is too short to be pissed off, I was a little pissed as I am every time I get onto a crowded train with room, that being kind and happy is a much better way to go than being pissed and wet.


psychorich said...

How could you end up with only ten minutes to spare when you woke up an hour earlier than usual?

Joss said...

Ugh, the rain sure does make crowded skytrains that much worse!! Glad someone helped you out though :)

And your new dog is such a cutie!