Saturday, October 13, 2007

Goodies from HK

This morning, we picked up mom from the airport and darn, her plane was early! She actually called to wake me up saying that she had already landed and I should try to get out as soon as I can! Gosh, she really did have a ton of fun in HK cos she brought back a ton of presents and stuff! Her suitcases were so heavy!

Once we arrived home, she started to unpack some of the presents and boy was she ever upset that Air Canada changed the luggage weight! She had to leave her XO sauce behind :( She only managed to bring back 2 of them and those 2 weren't even hers! Extra Spicy for Auntie Ingrid. Her suitcase was filled with my Nestle 3 in 1 coffee and my Tempo tissues and since she was a bit over the scale (which she had to pay at the airport), I have to pay for my coffee and tissue. Oh well, $40 is still worth it cos I can't get those items here in Vancouver unless I pay a hefty price for it. Mom also brought back a few dog bags for Ari, a cute rain jacket, a sweater and some cute booties. She also brought back a few pieces of clothing for us. I got a couple of tops which are ok and I'm not sure if I'll wear them cos it's sorta Asian, a little too Asian for me, and a few leggings for Kay.

Mom was tired but didn't want to take a nap cos if she did, she would be getting up early in the morning. We decided to go out for dinner and let her rest after. Gosh, she's gonna be jetlagged for a week or so!

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