Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Dinner with the Girls

Tonight was our official last girls night out (yet again!), Karli is leaving for Edmonton, AB for a new chapter. We are so very happy for her but very sad to see her go. I can't believe there is now just the two of us left!!!

Kar decided on the place and she choose, BIN 941 on Davie Street, it was a little place with tapas and drinks. Very interesting place and super small! But cozy enough for two or three although it seemed more like a "date" place to me cos the tables were a bit squished. We ordered some plates to share (the most interesting plate, fries served with balsamic vinegar and salt - they have NO KETCHUP!) and drinks. We caught up on life in general and all about Kar's new place and job. She has already found a job and it's the perfect job for her! She also loved her gift and we decided that she needed an Edmonton Oilers Beer Mug for her new place. Gosh, I can't believe she's leaving, we are going to miss her so much!!! It still really hasn't hit her yet but I've already been tearing up since she told me that she was leaving!! Overall, it was a great last night out and we def. will have to visit her tons in the new year! She's got a huge house and lots of room plus she's going to be a great tour guide when we visit the Edmonton Mall!

Gonna miss you tons KarKar!! Love You!!! Be sure to keep in touch!!!

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