Sunday, November 05, 2006

What a weekend!

Sheesh, what a busy weekend Kay and I had! We pretty much stayed home most of the weekend to clean and reorganize our apartment. I usually see my mom on Saturday except this weekend, I told her I needed to stay home to spend some time at my own apartment. Plus it's too yucky to go out, it's pouring rain outside and I really didn't want to drive around in this weather. My mom agreed and told me it was alright. Kay and I pretty much started organizing my shelf, re-hanging photos, moving some furniture around. I also reorganized my bedroom and now it looks even more spacious! Boy that was quite a workout, moving furniture around. But def. worth it because it looks and feels much more comfortable than before.

I did end up at my mom's house briefly on Saturday because the alarm co. called, apparently the motion detector went off and he could not get a hold of my mom on the house or her cell number. Because I am the emergency contact, I decided I better go check on the house to make sure everything was alright. At first I was a little worried that maybe something happened to them and one of them tripped the alarm on purpose. I told Kay to wait in the car and if she didn't see me in 5 minutes, she better call 911 and report suspicious activity at my mom's place. But I checked the garage and noticed my grandma's car was missing and the house was dark. This meant both my mom and grandma were out of the house so I told Kay it was ok and we both went in together. It seems that nothing out of the ordinary but better safe than sorry. I thought maybe her lovebird tripped the alarm but he was nicely locked up in his cage. I left my mom a note on her kitchen counter (beside her forgotten cell phone) explaining to her what happened and she better call the alarm co. to check out her system.

Since we were already out and about, we decided to check R's mail and head over to Safeway to pick up some groceries. I decided we should have something really yummy like tenderloin steak for dinner because it was on sale plus an additional $2.00 off. Gosh, it was sooooo yummy!!! I love steak esp. tenderloin steak. After coming home and being soaked, we decided to finish organizing my bookcase and veg out on the couch to catch Saturday TV night. Kay loves watching Saturday night live / MAD TV while I finished organizing the bookcase/bedroom. I probably should have taken a before and after shot of my bedroom to show you how spacious it looks now but I forgot. Oh well.

On Sunday, we ended up organizing the living space / dining area, well sort of, not that we got very much done. We just moved stuff around so we could get around the living room. VC stopped by our place for a long over due visit because he was waiting for his g/f to finish studying nearby. Also, I had been bugging him for weeks to come over and ground one of my electrical outlets. Oops, it was already grounded!! Hahaha... he didn't think that was funny, he had to lug his huge toolbox over. The reason for the outlet change is because I am planning on moving my office area into our "art centre" which really is just the small dining area but I'm going to turn it into an office/art centre. Instead of using the large table that is currently in there, I'm switching it with a small round table. Plus I moved all Kay's art supplies into her own room because she has a huge desk in her spacious room. VC was a bit bored (he needs to wander or walk around), we decided to head over to Best Buy but discovered it was closed (closes early on Sunday) so we headed upstairs to Canadian Tire because I need a Roman blind for my bedroom (block the outside lights from those annoying city trucks parked right outside of my bedroom). I found a pretty and very dark blue one and he was going to help me put it up but his girl rang early. We headed back to my place so he could pick up his toolbox and his car. Kay was a little bit upset because he told her (right before his girl called) that they would go for bubble tea. Oh well, another time, it was getting kind of late for bubble tea anyways, too much sugar before bed is NEVER a good idea. That was that.

I did finish putting together my book shelf...... how lovely is it??

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I love having a big sort out it makes you feel very good afterwards.