Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The NCIX drama continues.....

Last week, I sent an email to the person I was dealing with regarding the situation I had with the POWER CABLES, my mistake, not power supply. I did not receive a response from him until yesterday. I forwarded the email to Vince and he came up with a response to this email. But it continues.... see below:

His Response to my First Email
Hi Psycho_Pat. According to our Vancouver office, the power supply for your system should have already been installed into the case. It is possible that they may have given you the box for the Power Supply, as we generally do provide the customer with any boxes, cables, screws, etc – anything that the product would come with, is included even when the system is assembled. However, if the case doesn’t have the power supply inside already, please contact our Vancouver office immediately, and they can arrange to install this for you. As for the drive enclosure, this can be replaced for you – the RMA number for you is XXXXX (return merchandise authorization) – simply take the item back to the retail store, and they should replace this for you free of charge. We don’t generally install or test external devices, like an enclosure, so if the cord was defective, we would not necessarily see it. However, the power supply on the system should have been installed directly, and our Vancouver office should be able to help you with both of these matters.
You can call them at either 123-456-7890 – just be sure to have your invoice and RMA number available if calling, or visiting the store in person.
Feel free to contact me directly if you do need further assistance as well.

Vince's Response to His Email
Thanks for getting back to me. However, since I sent you the original email,I have visited the Vancouver store. I would like to provide some feedback on that disappointing experience though. First of all, I may have mislead you in my original mail. I mentioned "power supply" when I should have said "power cable". There were 2 main issues with my order: 1) power cable was missing for my computer 2) The external drive's power cable was DANGEROUSLY defective with small ulcers exposing wire. My friend, who installed it for me, luckily had only minor burns. I have pictures of his hand and the cable.When I visited to Vancouver store to discuss the above, I was met with a busy staff member. I explained issue 1 with him first and that led to an unnecessary discussion about it being an order from Richmond store that was merely followed and did not mention a cable. I did not agree with this because I purchased a complete system and do not care whether it was written up wrong. I was unhappy and then mentioned that was not all and explained issue 2. I presented him the external drive box with cable inside. The rep did not even want to look at the damaged cable. At this point, I was very angry with him and expressed this to him. He continued to ignore the root of the issue. My desire was to let him understand that other external drives may be dangerous to other customers. I also wanted him to understand my frustration with picking up a PC package that did not include a power cable. In the end, he gave me a replacement cable for the drive and a cable for my PC but only after having to get to the point of total frustration.I believe that it is negligent for the company to ship without inspection and also negligent for the rep not to care about a potentially dangerous product shipment.Hope you understand my frustration with my experience with your rep. I have to consider carefully my next course of action so that your company will understand the seriousness of this. Appreciate your attention and regards,

My Sales Rep Response to Vince's Email from above
Hi, Psycho_Pat. I am forwarding All this information to our Vancouver Sales Supervisor (Insert Name HERE). I have also asked him to follow this up with a telephone call for you directly.
We are already investigating these enclosures, but have not yet found or had any other reports of defective cables – we are taking this very seriously, and I have reminded the stores as well. Please do understand that these are sealed units, but our stores and our warehouses are all checking into these units as best we can. I am also surprised that our Vancouver staff was not willing to help you readily, especially with the RMA number that was provided. With the RMA, they should not question the replacement, they should be able to exchange this for you quite easily, as the RMA is an approval for exchange.
Again, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know, and Person's Name will also be in contact with you by phone for you to provide any extra details that may be necessary.

OMG, I do not want to talk to this PERSON from the Vancouver office because I know who he is and he was there when it happened. He also ignored the situation and pretend not to know what was going on.... I'll let Vince deal with this one......

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