Friday, November 24, 2006


I love Bellinis, it's one of my fave. alcoholic drinks. I can have them from any restaurant as long as it's tasty and slushy.

Tonight, I headed out with KD for drinks/appy's. Well, she had dinner but I had already eaten because I had a long day and was not sure if I could make a late night dinner. She's a late eater and I like dinner by 6pm. We headed over to Milestone's for drinks/food. She gets a staff discount because she is on Milestones's payroll although she hasn't done a shift in months but she knows the lingo which gets her the discount at all the Milestone's. We haven't seen each other in a couple of weeks, due to both of us being busy, well mostly me being tired and me NOT wanting to be social. She on the other hand is a social butterfly with lots of dates and late nights. We caught up on life and I found out that her current employer has just laid her off due to the fact that the company was over budget and required to lay off staff. Crap, that sucks! Right before Xmas? What kind of company does that? COLD HEARTED COMPANIES. (I know, I've been there.....) She is one of the earlier hires so she had to be let go. She is working 3 days a week until next week (end of the month) and they are paying her the two week salary plus her 2 week vacation which means her next paycheque will be her last but at least it's a month salary instead of two weeks. I caught up on all the guys she dating (she's dating 4 guys) and one of them being a potential "guy" or "boyfriend". After chatting a bit, I realized I knew this guy!! We went to the same highschool and had a common good friend! How funny is that? What a small world! A couple of hours later, it was getting late and I was getting super tired. Called it an early night and she headed off for drinks with a friend. A good way to end the week. Bellinis are always a great way to end a long work week........

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