Friday, November 03, 2006

Long Work Week - TGIF!

Sheesh... thank goodness this week is OVER. I have had a really long work week... I have been skipping my lunch this past week and on Thursday I stayed until 5.00pm (I'm usually off at 4.30pm) to finish off a spreadsheet that I have been FOREVER working on... This morning, I had to be at the office at 7.00am to set up a group meeting (our entire division) regarding the recent changes that are happening with our global division. It has been pouring rain the last couple of days and this morning wasn't any different. Gosh, it's sure quiet at 6.30am and no one is on the bus this early! I'm thinking maybe I should start coming to work earlier..... noooo, that's just crazy!! After picking up 30 donuts at Tim Horton's (still a crazy line up there even at 6.45am in the morning! We Canadians need our Timmy's to start the day...) and heading to the office to help set up the boardroom. It was pretty much a fight to keep my eyes open! I have not been sleeping well for the last week because of the construction going on my street. Last night I had a hard time sleeping because when I know I have to get up early or I am going to the airport the next day, I always have a hard night to get through. It's being paranoid about not waking up on time or waking up too late. I pretty much only had about 5 hours sleep and I NEED at least 8 hours to get through the day.

On a good note, I left the office early (3.30pm), of course with the permission from my manager, and headed over to Shilo to pay off my balance. Yep my custom cubed bookshelf is ready!! Delivery for Saturday morning (between 7.00am to 10.00am - yet another early morning, that is SO WRONG on a Saturday morning). I am so excited and I cannot believe it's here! Done in 4 weeks but I beat the Xmas rush and I know she is swamping busy right now. A lot of custom orders coming in for the Xmas season. But mine is here! I can't wait to see it, I know it's going to be beautiful!!!

And yet on another happy note, one of my books from Chapters arrived today!! I can't believe how fast these books can get to me. I love ordering books online esp. at those awesome discount prices!

Once I got home, I decided to veg on the couch for a bit (Kay was at her friend's house doing their French homework / hanging out) and watched TV / napped a bit. I decided to order take out because I was still too tired to cook dinner and I needed to clear the space where my new shelf was going to be placed. Still pouring rain when I went to pick up Kay and our dinners. After dinner, I watched a bit of my fave. shows on Friday night (Ghost Whisperer, Las Vegas, and Numb3rs) and cleared out the area where my new shelf is going. Gosh, I have a lot of books and stuff. My living space is now chaotic. It's like a storm blew in and placed boxes/books/cds/dvds/magazines all over my living room. I think this weekend I'll be home clearing out my living space. I need to clean up and get rid of more stuff.....ugh.... well at least the weather is on my side this weekend. Forecast: Showers until Monday. A good excuse not to leave the home.

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