Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend in the Rain

For the past two days, I have been running errands with my mom in the pouring rain.

Yesterday, we had to head over to Costco, Zellers and London Drugs. I ended up spending almost $200 at Costco!! That place is very dangerous, too many items in bulk at such a great price, who could pass up such deals?? But today, we ended up back at Costco to return a few items, I of course, returned a bottle of Omega-3 vitamins which totalled $45 back into my wallet. What did I buy at Costco, you ask... well I ended up buying some useful items like conditioner, shampoo, fruit snacks for Kay and pickles too. I also bought some not so useful items like Post It Notes and yes you would disagree because they are useful but I have a huge collection of pretty post it notes! Yes I have added more flowers, arrows and hearts to my large collection. I also purchased a bulk pack of Bic wite out. Why bulk.... because it was a good deal! Oh yes, I also bought 10 packs of nylons because Costco sells Silks pantyhose in bulk at a really good price. I wear nylons all day at work so they need to be comfortable and priced at $3.80 each, how could I not pick up a few (or 10). This is a pretty good price considering thses are sold at the department stores for about $5.00 or more!! Ah yes one more item, I purchased an early birthday gift for our neighbor (her birthday is coming up, right after Christmas!). After spending all my $$, I had dinner with my mom because my grandma was out playing mahjong and mom would be by herself. After running to all the different places, we checked out Auntie Ingrid's new condo by Joyce Skytrain Station. A nice size (1 bedroom/den) with a nice view at a pretty decent level (10 or 11th floor??) at an incredible price ($200k). Her friend had bought the place before the construction even started but decided that he did not want to live there anymore so he sold it to my aunt without making a profit. Now it would be impossible to find a place like hers for $200k or less. After checking out her place, we headed over to Ma's Restaurant on Victoria street for dinner. After dinner, mom / aunt decided they wanted to go to London Drugs to buy a foot spa because it was a pretty decent sale price $24.99 reg $29.99. After wandering around the store and picking a few more items, we headed back to mom's because I needed to download a program for her pc.

Today, I went back over there to help with her returns / exchanges at Costco, to check out prices on DVD+RW at Best Buy/Future Shop and back to Zellers to pick up a plastic storage container for my grandma. After a few hours, we had to call it a day because my brother and Auntie Ingrid were coming by for dinner. Mom still needed to go to The Bay but mom since she had planned on making a really nice dinner that meant there was going to be a lot of prep. Dinner was yummy and as always, dishes to impress. But right after dinner, I wanted to call it an early night so I headed home but before going home, I stopped by Rogers Video to pick up a couple of movies. Kay and C decided they wanted Kay to spend one more night at C's place. I was thinking, I should pick up a couple of movies I would not normally watch when Kay is around. I decided on The Notorious Bettie Page and My Life Without Me. Bettie Page 's story is quite interesting, what kind of person she was and how her life began. The movie was pretty good and I quite enjoyed it. Very artsy and not at all "Hollywood".

And that was pretty much my long weekend. Oh wait, I still have one more day off, how nice is that? I love long weekends......

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