Saturday, September 13, 2008

Warehouse Party

I can't believe it's that time again! When Rhoda starts planning her company's warehouse party, I know that fall is really around the corner! This year, Rhoda did all of the planning for the party and it turned out great! This year, there were some changes and the company decided to go with another freight company which means the party was being held at a different warehouse. This warehouse is a bit smaller than last year's warehouse but everyone at the warehouse was really nice and helpful. I met up with Rhoda at 2.45pm at Lansdowne (to park the car) and we drove over to Costco to meet Jeff (pick up more food!!) and back to the warehouse to set up. There wasn't that much drama with K this year although she did live up to her ways and let's leave it at that. Overall, it was a great party with lots of food and entertainment. Again, big thank you to Rhoda for inviting me again! Always such a great time and sometimes I feel like I should be working for this company since I attend a lot of their functions!!

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