Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brunch, Shopping and Lifestyle Change

Today for lunch, we (Jas and I) met up with KD at Milestones in Richmond. We haven't seen KD in over a year and after months of avoiding this lunch, I finally broke down and agreed to meet her so we could catch up one each other's lives. She also needed to go shopping and wanted our help in picking out a dress for an upcoming wedding. Lucky for me, Jas is such a great friend and she let me convince (without twisting her arm) her to come out for lunch and shopping. I'm so grateful that she did cos I don't know how I would have handled her all on my own. Jas is a sweet and sensitive person, knowing exactly what to say and how to handle KD while she went on about her break up and her life over the past year. KD moved out of her ex bf's place a month ago and she is now in a new place in Richmond where her rent is incredibly cheap (renting from an old friend who gave her a rent reduction). After lunch, we stopped by to see her new place and to park my car in the condo's parking lot cos she is only one block from Richmond Centre. The condo is new (only about 1 year old) but the layout is horrendous, the suite is vertical or horizontal (depends on which way you look at it I guess). Instead of being designed and built into a squared layout, the entire suite is rectanglular. I don't like it at all plus it is designed for a Honger. I wouldn't even consider living there even if it was my last resort, actually I wouldn't ever consider living in Richmond. I don't like Richmond. PERIOD. After a quick browse of her new place, we went over to RC to find her a dress and we all agreed to get a Starbucks cos I'm so damn addicted to Starbucks. After going through the entire mall, she came out with 75% done on her shopping list. One thing I had to buy was a SLS and Paraben free cleasner for my face which I was hoping to find at Escents Aromatherapy but only to be disappointed that most of their items contained SLS and paraben, only one item in their store that did not contain these were an unscented Wash & Bubble. The SA said I could use this as shampoo or a face wash and it is not limited to just a body wash or for bubble baths. Because this product's ingredients are natural and chemical-free, it does not last as long on your shelf as store bought products. Due to the unscented version of this wash, I also picked up a tea tree oil to add to it and to use directly on my face. Tea tree oil has beneficial medical healing properties including antispetic and antifungual action which I am hoping this will help clear up my skin. After shopping, we headed back to KD's place to pick up my car and I drop Jas off at her place, she had other plans that night.

I headed home to find Kay helping mom with the last bit of the garden and I went inside to prepare and make dinner. I offered to make dinner for my mom as well cos she wanted to go out for dinner and I didn't want to eat out. I'm trying out a new pesto I bought at Famous Foods, the product is all natural and shipped directly from Italy. I am really tired of Costco's Pesto cos it is a huge container which goes bad easily and I end up throwing it out with more than half of the container full! Plus it's quite oily and I find that there is not enough "pesto" or basil flavours in their pesto. Kay and I really love and enjoyed the new pesto we bought so this will be the replacement for all of our future pesto dishes! Mmmmm... I love pesto :)

On another note related to my new beauty product........

I have decided that I am going to change our beauty and health lifestyle. I have decided we need to change our grocery shopping to include more organics and local (if posible) even though I do buy organic, only about 40 - 50% of our items are. We never buy processed food except for deli meats (which I think are processed....). I am also planning (and researching) to switch over my beauty regime to organic and natural beauty products versus the store bought items. I have been reading a book called "Ecoholic" by Adria Vasil and found some very interesting facts about the chemicals used in beauty products, why you should choose organics and what alternatives are better for our earth for daily living from this book. This is the Canadian Eco Friend Guide (or Bible) in my opionion and I love it so much that I have decided to add this book in my permanent collection. Right now, I am borrowing books from the library to "test" the book and see if I should consider buying it for my book collection. Also, I am looking into a few different brands of natural and organic beauty products and this one site called Upurea sells natural and/or organic items. But you have to be careful cos even though some say "natural", it contains quite a few chemicals (organic compounds) in their products! Currently, I am interested in purchasing some face products by Suki Pure cos it seems like she is one of the few that uses all natural ingredients in her products, if I can understand the words and I know exactly what it is then it's all good. Can't wait to try it, now if only I can get to a Capers to purchase these products!

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