Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner and a movie

Usually I do not go out on a weeknight due to my early morning wake up to be out of the house by 7.00am and into the office by 7.30am but tonight, I had to pick up some EA games from Vince. We decided the night before to have dinner at his place, I would bring a dish and he / Meryl would make something to compliment the dish. Also, I wanted to watch a movie that I borrowed from the library and it is due tomorrow. Witches of Eastwick was recommended by a coworker and I'm glad I decided to borrow it cos it ended up being really really good! Of course, those two are never on time and even though Kay and I were a bit late, we still managed to beat them to their condo. I had told Vince that we were making PESTO CHICKEN and he didn't tell Meryl that, instead he mentioned we were bringing chicken. Just chicken and she assumed it was an asian dish so she made something that DID NOT compliment my pesto but nonetheless very very yummy. Meryl can cook Asian! She made a pork dish and a vegetable dish, both were very yummy and scrumptious but def did not work with my pesto chicken. Poor Meryl, she felt bad but I told her not to cos it was still very yummy and we haven't had asian in a long time cos we don't really cook asian anymore! After dinner and some wine, we settled into the couch to watch the movie, poor Vince - he fell asleep during the movie, apparently he's had a very long and tiring couple of weeks at EA. During the movie, we got to eat fresh fruit for dessert, another yummy treat! Kay was SUPPOSE to make dessert but she got lazy. By the time we finished the movie, got home and into bed, it was almost 11.30! I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, I hope I can stay awake! It was a good night and so nice to catch up with those two, we never really get to see much of each other anymore.

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Joss said...

I have a co-worker whose husband also works for EA :) The food sounds so yummy!!