Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mama's Day!

Lobster Benedict - Mama's Day BrunchMini Muffins


Kay and HonHon took me out for mama's day brunch at Coast restaurant in downtown, Vancouver. It was so yummy and the lobster benedict was sooo good, it was def worth the traffic to get into downtown for this meal! After brunch, we walked around downtown for a bit, stopping into the Louis Vuitton store to look at the LV Monogram Galleria PM as I am still looking for a traveling handbag. I really do like the shape and the roominess of this handbag, it might be a perfect traveling and every day handbag. But I'm not sure as yet cos I don't really like the LV monogram and I prefer the Passy GM in the Epi line but the cost is $1780! Yikes! That's a lot of money so I need to start saving up for it. After Louis Vuitton, we walked over to Pacific Centre to window shop before calling it an afternoon as Kay got a call for a shift this evening. She was going to miss dinner if she took this shift but she hasn't been getting any shifts so I said it would be ok since she's already spent the afternoon with me. Once we arrived home, HonHon needed to take a nap and I decided to walk over to Metrotown to pick up a box of chocolates for my grandma and a starbucks gift card for my mom instead of flowers cos flowers are expensive and they are not edible :) HonHon took a much longer than anticipated nap so we didn't end up visiting too long with my mom. We had dinner reservations at GUU in Aberdeen Centre and we were not at all impressed with the service or the noise levels or the decor of the restaurant! In the end , Kay did end up making it as McD's cut her shift short and it was a nice way to end the day with just my family. Hope everyone had a wonderful mama's day too!! :)

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