Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moved In

Almost! We have a few things left to move from the suite in East Van and hopefully, we will have it out by tomorrow morning! The spacious suite is crammed with our boxes and some of our furniture but even with all the boxes, furniture and his parents stuff, we still have plenty of space to move around. With all this new space, we are really enjoying it and it's nice that when we are shouting at each other, we can barely hear ourselves! Also, it's nice that we both have our OWN BEDROOMS WITH DOORS and we now have a spacious kitchen to cook our meals in! I love baking and cooking so it's really nice to have so much counter and cupboard space, although I only have 2 cupboards in the kitchen. The downsides of moving to Burnaby? I have to pay for a 2 zone transit pass instead of a 1 which costs me $25 a month :( plus I don't have an underground parking space which means I'll have to alternate from parking on the street and the visitor's parking lot! But I think those downsides are worth moving into such a beautiful and spacious place! Plus I do enjoy living in Burnaby, it's a beautiful green city and we are so close to Metrotown! :)

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