Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BFF back!

Tonite, after my swim, we headed over to visit Rhoda cos she's back from HK after 5 weeks! Gosh, we miss her! She looks great altho she's pretty tired and a bit sick. Must be all those late nites! It was great catching up with her and wow, so many great changes are happening for her. She told us about her trip and how much she missed Hong Kong, she's only been back less than a day! Her future plans for HK is relocation in 20111 and there are a few opportunities she will take to get herself situated there. I am so proud of her and we are going to miss her when she leaves but we know she's got to do this right now at this moment cos she just needs to. She brought me back a few goodies like a purse charm, Starbucks mini coffee cups, Hello Kitty oven mitt and fresh pineapple cake from Taiwan! Pineapple cakes are for my mom and I to share, I'm saving them for Sunday cos I'm afraid if I eat them and they are really good, I'll end up eating them all before Sunday! It's so nice to have her back and so much to catch up on, altho I'm a bit sad that she really is leaving next year.....

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