Thursday, November 26, 2009


Kay and I headed out to HonHon's place for a 30 minute swim. We (well I mostly) are trying to get as much cardio in as we can cos the weather has been pretty cold and it's hard running the dark. I have been meaning to find a route on the street with street lights so I could get my 4 km in but it's hard when it's been raining 20 days straight and it's been so cold. After our swim, we get to sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes that is so much nicer than running and then trying to finish up the rest of my workout before jumping into the hot shower! Altho I think I was def burning more calories running and my strength training, it's hard to get outside when it's so crummy out there. This upcoming week the pool will be closed for 5 days due to maintenance so I am trying to get as much in as I can before taking the week off. Maybe I'll try to run this upcoming week....

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