Monday, November 30, 2009


Ohmygosh, we just got back from the orthodontist (Dr. Brian Hong & Associates) and I can't believe how much it will cost to straighten Kay's teeth!!

Breakdown of Costs

Records Fee (x-rays, models, photos) $400
Initial Fee (braces) $1200
Monthly Treatments $4800
Grand Total $6400

The record fee has to be paid upfront which thankfully, my father has kindly offered to cover but I will have to pay for the extraction of her teeth (luckily my dental covers 80%) and the braces $1200 probably in January or February 2010. After the $1200 fee, we will be paying monthly installments for the next 16 months (on a pre authorize credit card or cheque) $300, yikes!! You can get a small discount of 5% if I have the money to pay in full which is $320 off. Asians never pass up on a deal but I do not have $6000 to pay off that amount or I would! After the x-rays are done, I need to make an appointment to schedule Kay's extractions. Gosh that won't be fun. She needs to make room in her mouth cos her teeth are overcrowding. This overcrowding has resulted in a slight overbite and caused the teeth to come in crooked. Luckily, her bottom jaw does not require any surgery or else that could run up to $20K!! In 2 years or less, she will have perfect teeth and her confidence level will be greatly boosted which is PRICELESS. That is what I'm telling myself..... Since my extended dental does not cover the orthodontics, we will be paying this entirely out of our own pockets but it's worth it right?

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swtazndream said...

yes it is...cuz the little princess comes first...on ur speed dial :p