Friday, November 20, 2009

2012 & Tires

I finally got new tires for my VW Bug and it was long over due. I can't believe what a difference a new set of tires can make! Hopefully, these tires will last another 10 years and the tire guy said it would last at least another 70K =) After picking up my car from Big O, I headed over to Metrotown to catch the movie, 2012. John Cusack is an awesome actor, I love the roles he takes on, sorta like an unsung hero or the underdog. The critics and the fans have been giving it great reviews so I was keen on watching it. Wow, amazing special effects and the storyline never boring. It is a very interesting and keeps you literally on the edge of your seat. No dull moments here and it is def recommended to watch in the theatre.

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