Sunday, July 06, 2008

Strawberry Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday it turned out to be even though in the morning, it was a bit cloudy. It was def. great weather for strawberry picking. Cass (Kay's friend) and her mom, Clare invited us to join them for a day of strawberry picking and I didn't mind going if I didn't have to drive out there. I would never manage to make it out there on my own, I'm a city girl, I'd get lost so quickly or would be driving around the city for hours! But lucky for us, Clare does not mind driving every and anywhere! We met them at Scott Road Skytrain and headed off to Ladner which is not too far from where we were. As we drove through and crossed a bridge or two, we ended up at this small one lane bridge that would take us to Westham Island where there were quite a few farms on this little island for U PICK fresh BC berries or to buy fresh local (sometimes organice!) veggies/fruits. I think my grandma would love it here cos there is this one place called Westham Island Herb Farm where they sell lots of beautiful flowers and herbs to grow in your garden. After an hour of strawberry picking (gosh it's such hard work!) at Emma Lee Farms, we finally decided to call it a day for picking. I wanted to purchase raspberry or blackberries but they were sold out so I ended up picking a basket of Tayberries which they have described as half raspberry and blackberry. Very interesting. After picking, Clare took us down to Westham Island Estate Winery to sample (us adults!) their fruit wines, at first I was a bit skeptical cos I am not one for sweet wines but these were amazingly good! So good in fact that I picked up 6 bottles and under $70 total! What a deal, although most were good only a few really caught my taste buds. After picking up wine and some herbs and veggies, we decided to head back into the city as we were all getting quite tired and I am not used to back bending work! Although we wanted to visit the bird sanctuary, it had already closed by the time we were done but we will def have to check it out the next time we are on the little island. What a treat it was when we were stopped on the bridge cos there was a boat crossing the river, it was so neat to stop and walk onto the bridge. Once we finally arrived home, we decided to use our new baby potatoes and make a baked potatoe dish with butter, cheese (lots of it) and pepper. Lucky for us, these were baby potatoes so they cooked quickly in the oven and boy were they delish! Sorry HonHon, we didn't take photos cos we were too hungry but trust us they looked good and tasted great! After dinner, we used some of our fresh strawberries to make our own milkshakes (mmm...yummy!) for dessert and we had to package the rest and freeze them, we had way too many strawberries! Overall, it was a great day and we got some great deals, I can't believe how inexpensive it is to eat locally grown produce when you purchase it right from the farms! Must do this more often :) Enjoy the photos!

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