Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dark Knight

Wow, this movie was long! Didn't help that we couldn't catch the early show (740pm) and had to catch the last show (1030pm) which meant we ended up leaving well into the early morning. Because this movie was only in the second weekend of opening, it was super busy and our line up for the seats started at 900pm! I am not a huge Batman fan (although I enjoyed many of the earlier ones back in the day) and didn't have the desire to watch the first one, Batman Begins, so watching THIS Batman was a bit of a big deal. I could have waited another, oh I don't know, 8 weeks before watching it but Jas really wanted to watch it so we did. It wasn't as action packed as I thought it would have been (I watched Wanted a few weeks earlier and was on the edge of my seat the entire time!), the last part of the film, I thought we were at the end but realized it wasn't and it kept going on and on! Heath Ledger did an amazing job at playing the Joker and he was very creepy and deeply distrubing but I still think Jack Nicholson's Joker was psychotic creepy, he made the Joker with the laughs, jokes and he was def. more fun to watch. Christian Bale is a super hot yummy actor to watch on screen as Bruce Wayne and he is an amazing actor as well. Although, I did find Batman's voice quite annoying throughout the movie. Overall, it wasn't worth the 1 1/2 hour line up, almost 3 hours of my time watching it and I could have waited for the dvd to hit the stores. If you enjoyed the first one, you will most likely love this one! BUT I do recommend it but as a rental!

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