Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yuk Yuk's

Tonight Jas and I headed out for a bit of shopping and dinner before the comedy show at Yuk Yuk's. We met up right after work and headed over to Pacific Centre to check out Holt Renfrew, Jas is looking for a new "work" bag :) and finding nothing within her price range, we headed over to Robson street to check out my upcoming new fall boots at Browns B2. These boots are so cute and are totally my style but the price not so much. Jas agreed that they were cute and so for me but not for her! I have to think about them and they are at a pretty reasonable price for knee high boots! After doing a bit of window shopping, we decided to have a quick bite at Tropika on Robson street. Dinner was yummy but greasy and I know my stomach is going to feel it later! We headed over to Yuk Yuk's a bit early but figured we could pick up our tickets and have a drink at the hotel lounge. We chilled for a bit and I had a yummy martini before heading downstairs to the show. Gosh, the crowd was quite young and we realized of course it would be since it's the MTV crowd! The main act was Gilson Lubin and he's a MTV host but a comedian on the side. We were also there to see him and really excited to watch him perform live comedy because he's pretty funny on MTV. The show was def. hilarious and he is a real character to watch! We enjoyed every minute of his show :)

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