Saturday, March 10, 2007

Girls Nite In!

Tonight, I invited Cassie and Jasmine over for dinner and girls night in! I hadn't seen Cassie in ages and she lives 2 minutes (by car) away from me. It was really nice to see her and catch up. So many different changes in her life and it was really nice to just have girls over. I made homemade pizza, Jasmine brought over a veggie platter and Cassie supplied the red wine and juice for Kay. We were sorta celebrating my new TV! Hehehe, yes, my life really isn't that interesting! Also, I wanted to show off my new living room and Jasmine loved our new changes , although Cassie hasn't been here in years, she also like the new layout. I have lived in this apartment for 3 years and it finally feels like a homey and warm living room. I should have taken a photo of the place before and after but I didn't think of it. Also, I don't know why I didn't think about placing the computer where it is now.

It was pouring out today and Kay and I really didn't do much except head over to Choices to pick up items for our dinner and flowers for our guests. Kay and I found a really nice soy base essential oil massage candle called Pain Relief Tulum and after you light the candle for 30 minutes, you can dip your fingers into the liquid soy and apply to your hands. It smells really nice and makes your hands feel really soft! I think everyone should have one! Kay thought it was a little excessive in price for a candle but it's a multi functional candle! Plus it's just like purchasing a bottle of cream which could cost about the same amount of money.

It was a really nice night and I wish I took a couple of photos but again, I didn't think of it. Oh well, maybe next girls night out.....

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